Is Blu-Ray Just More Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence, or built-in obsolescence if you’re within the UK, is the choice by a producer to purposely design, manufacture and distribute a shopper product to turn out to be out of date or non-functional particularly to power the shopper to purchase the following era of the product. This plan will likely be carried out earlier than the ‘Next Generation’ is even off the drafting board. Planned obsolescence is in fact, very helpful for a producer as a result of it means a buyer cannot simply purchase a product as soon as and have it final for a few years thereby by no means having to purchase once more – the lifetime of the product’s usefulness or performance is mounted, in order that at common intervals the shopper should pay cash many times, and but once more to both the unique producer for newer junk, or purchase from the competitors who most likely additionally makes use of deliberate obsolescence.

I am unable to imagine we’re nonetheless utilizing motors and movable components that put on out. The technological advances of the previous couple of years have led to media that may maintain Giga bytes of knowledge in unstable and non unstable storage with no shifting components.

So, does BluRay match into this situation? That stays to be seen as a result of the brand new expertise is so contemporary.

The most intense competitors within the next-gen optical video disc format wars is between HD-DVDs and Blu-ray. Blu-ray is backed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, of which Sony is a member. Not solely a format for HD video and audio, Blu-Ray is a higher-capacity storage format. HD DVD at this level is being out offered by Blu-ray. Blu-ray has offered 500,000 extra discs.

Is this only a case of ‘The Newest Toy’ or ‘Grass is Greener’? You can anticipate Blu-Ray to parallel the rising recognition of HDTV and it could substitute legacy methods except the onrush of different new toys overtakes Blu-Ray. If you’re an audiophile chances are you’ll keep in mind when DAT (Digital Audio Tape) was anticipated because the be all, finish all of sound. Today DAT is utilized in some tape backup conditions and never a lot else.

If a 10-year life span for the Blu-ray format is projected, what comes subsequent? Very probably one other section of deliberate obsolescence.

SSD is the long run, depend on it, it does nevertheless have hurdles to go earlier than it could possibly substitute spinning drives. A Solid State Drive (SSD) is a non-magnetic different to a spinning drive. SSD relies on flash reminiscence. Unlike a conventional drives with spinning magnetic media and flying learn/write heads, a SSD is designed with flash reminiscence and wishes no shifting components.

The main distinction between these storage media is that SSD just isn’t optical (like a CD/DVD) or magnetic (like a floppy, zip or arduous disk) however is a strong state semiconductor very similar to EPROM or battery backed RAM.

This just isn’t new expertise. It’s been round for 20 years in different purposes. NAND flash reminiscence is the core expertise of the detachable USB storage models known as USB flash drives, in addition to many reminiscence playing cards accessible at this time. 65-nanometer and low voltage chip expertise have allowed producers to make smaller variations of the normal flash chips. In performance, NAND can merely be thought-about a silicon model of a spinning disk drive. This is called a Solid State Drive, SSD or Solid State Disk, a unstable or non-volatile solid-state reminiscence system used as digital storage for information.

While not technically a disk, the label Solid State Disk is utilized in that the system can be utilized as a substitute for the disk drive in lots of trendy purposes. SSDs are a viable substitute for the widespread spinning disk drive, which has shifting components inflicting slower reminiscence entry. SSD does not have the mechanical limitations that restrict search instances on magnetic or optical drives, so the idea of an SSD drive is interesting when contemplating noise, velocity, energy consumption, and reliability.

Considered a disadvantage in PC disk substitute NAND flash reminiscence permits solely sequential entry whereas NOR flash reminiscence permits random entry. In storage and playback of video leisure this will likely ultimately be a non situation.

The SSD can learn 300 % quicker (53 Mb/s) and write 150 % faster (28 Mb/s), greater than twice the velocity of comparable spinning drives. SSD is an modern NAND flash-based equal for conventional disk drives. It is able to studying information at a charge of 56 Mb/s and writing speeds of 32 Mb/s, two instances as quick as normal drives.

Plus and Minus for SSD:

  • Limited write cycles.

    Typical Flash storage will usually put on out after 100,000-300,000 write cycles, whereas excessive endurance Flash storage is commonly marketed with endurance of 1-5 million write cycles (many log recordsdata, file allocation tables, and different generally used components of the file system exceed this over the lifetime of a pc). Special file methods or firmware designs can mitigate this drawback by spreading writes over all the system, quite than rewriting recordsdata in place.

    **If the software program or firmware intelligently staggers writes over all the system, for big SSDs, even with steady writes, the endurance restrict will not be reached for many years. Envision your favourite film or motion pictures on SSD. Write cycles per cell = 1. If you erase and write over the outdated recording that is 2 extra. Or the Entertainment could also be on a Flash Stick and plugged right into a participant with a SSD for output to your leisure system.

  • Price

    As of early 2007, flash reminiscence costs are nonetheless significantly greater per gigabyte than these of comparable standard drives – round $10 per GB in comparison with about $0.30 for mechanical drives.

    **As with any new expertise, as soon as producers sense a requirement and manufacturing cycles are optimized costs will come down. One of my early ‘upgrades’ was a 100 Meg arduous drive at a value of an additional $200 {dollars} over the unique 20 Meg drive. The OLPC XO-1 makes use of a SSD quite than a mechanical drive. This is the XO-1 PC Configured because the $100 PC or One Laptop Per Child – PC. It makes use of SSD and Linux so Microsoft and legacy drive makers will attempt to squelch this innovation.

  • Capacity

    The capability of SSDs tends to be considerably smaller than the capability of HDDs.

    **This may even be mitigated by technological advances, see above observe on arduous drive improve.

  • Lower recoverability

    After mechanical failure the information is totally misplaced because the cell is destroyed, whereas if regular HDD suffers mechanical failure the information is commonly recoverable utilizing professional assist.

    **Is this principally a ‘Straw Man’. How usually is it well worth the restoration value charged by the professional. For ‘Enterprise Systems’ the place the core enterprise is endangered by lack of information, Raid Technology is a greater and less expensive resolution.

  • Vulnerability

    in opposition to sure varieties of results, together with abrupt energy loss (particularly DRAM primarily based SSDs), magnetic fields and electrical/static expenses in comparison with regular HDDs (which retailer the information inside a Faraday cage).

**More Straw Man debate.

I’ve misplaced many disk drive codecs because of energy fluctuations, brown outs and many others. The Faraday Cage could be and needs to be used the place wanted. It just isn’t excluded within the case of SSD. Our day by day setting is saturated with RF and different indicators. Some are even calling this a type of air pollution. The system could also be weak to EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse), however as this is able to probably come from an atomic detonation, your film could be interrupted anyway.

Let’s apply some commonsense. There are far fewer variations in manufacturing prices of HD DVD and Blu-Ray gamers than the retail costs recommend. The variations between BlueRay and DVD will likely be promoted and lots of BlueRay methods will likely be offered. For the typical residence viewer the distinction could also be barely noticeable. In the HDTV format the variations will not be evident except your show is 55″ or more. I know that if you spend much time watching commercial TV, the effort to convince you that we all need 120″ screens with Surround Sound and Bass Boost is tough to withstand, however will that advertising and marketing effort persuade sufficient shoppers to half with that a lot money?

So ultimately the battle will play out. Technologies utilized by legacy producers will likely be pushed. They have the sources and advertising and marketing energy to maintain alive their worthwhile model of ‘what we want’. Other modes of presenting the identical data are all the time arduous to get off the bottom. Performance is commonly the deciding issue after the fee is ameliorated and naturally advertising and marketing will make or break any product, course of or expertise no matter advantage.

A fast abstract:

SSD (Solid-State Drive ) i

s a complicated NAND flash part substitute for conventional drive expertise.


generally is a direct substitute for a mechanical drive. It can be safe and dependable as a way for storing digital information.

The SSD can learn 300 % quicker

(53MB/s) and write 150 % faster (28MB/s) greater than twice the velocity of normal spinning disk drives.

The SSD is extraordinarily rugged,

in a position to stand as much as degradation from vibration and shock and on the identical time carry out at temperatures within the excessive from -20 to 80 levels Celsius, (-Four diploma Fahrenheit to 176 diploma Fahrenheit).

SSD is already used

in UMPC (ultra-mobile private computer systems) and will likely be included within the OLPC.

I’ve been intrigued with Planned Obsolescence because it was adopted as a technique by Detroit Auto Manufacturers. They’re antiques now, however Detroit used to prove nice metal vehicles that might final indefinitely with consideration to tune-ups, lube jobs, brake jobs and oil adjustments. BTW these Cars may very well be had for a lot lower than a years wage.

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